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Bluewater Hemp exists to make a positive difference in the lives of people interested in safe, affordable self-care products. We are made up of industry professionals that are knowledgeable in business, cannabis, and farming. We are fully licensed and ready to help make Alabama a leader in the hemp industry.
Alabama Hemp License #30008

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Hemp and CBD

After the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, Hemp and its by-product CBD, were legalized for consumers to purchase and farmers to grow. CBD is not like THC in that it WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH! Although they look very similar, Hemp has little to no delta9-THC but is high in CBD.

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Benefits of Using CBD

There is a long list of the uses for CBD products. Just a few are distress, anxious feelings, relief from discomfort, easing head and neck tension, and the list goes on. Ask a friend, read an article or visit our review section to read about how people are using Bluewater Hemp CBD products to improve their everyday life!

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Our Products

Bluewater Hemp strives to provide the best quality CBD and Hemp products at a price that anyone can afford. We specialize in hemp flower, edibles such as gummies, tincture oils to drop under your tongue, and pain relief creams. We will also be introducing a line of CBD pet products in the near future.

Our services


We have a processing center with a lab that uses a hydraulic heat press. This is a totally chemical free extraction for turning high quality hemp biomass into top quality CBD concentrates and oils. We also process premium flower into smokable CBD hemp products.

Harvest Consultation

We offer hands on consulting for pre-harvest, harvest, and post-harvest services. This includes plant preparation, hanging, drying, shucking, trimming and packaging for processing. Our goal is for you to be self-sufficient after learning from industry experts.


We offer wholesale solutions for hemp farmers who have their crop harvested and dried. We will move your crop to our distribution facility, determine what is biomass and what is premium flower, and sale it according.


With our unique position in the hemp industry, we are ready to help you start your own brand of hemp/CBD products. We can produce the products, label with your logo, and ship them to you in bulk.